BOSCH EXACT Tools have been the standard in automotive and aerospace assembly for over ten years.  They have now broken into all types of industries performing general and high end assembly!  With their unmatched repeatability, they can tackle any challenge.  Since they are not dependent on air for power, their torque output is much more accurate.  We can be as close as +/- 5%.  Do you want to increase your throughput?  Eliminate repetitive wrist movement?  Decrease energy costs?  Well, BOSCH SEC EXACT tools are the answer! 

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The Newest Generation: The SEC- EXACT

Time and cost savings are guaranteed with the SEC-Motor from Bosch.

Lower maintenance costs and longer run times were the target for the new generation of SEC-EXACT from Bosch. This sensor-less and brushless patented motor technology has raised the standards again: less energy consumption, better accuracy & repeatability and higher torques with lighter, faster models. To top it all off, we even improved on our world-class accuracy. You expect nothing less from the world leader in cordless assembly tools.

Image Part Number Description Torque Speed
0 602 492 432 SEC-EXACT 1106 Centre Grip Screwdriver - Highest Speed For Short Cycle Times
1-6 Nm (9-53 In/Lbs) 1100 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 444 SEC-EXACT 908 Centre Grip Screwdriver - Combination of Speed and Torque
2-8 Nm (18-70 In/Lbs) 900 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 446 SEC-EXACT 610 Centre Grip Screwdriver - Power and Speed
2-10 Nm (18-88 In/Lbs) 600 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 436 SEC-EXACT 459 Centre Grip Screwdriver - This Model Fits Every Application
2-9 Nm (18-79 In/Lbs) 450 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 442 SEC-EXACT 412 Centre Grip Screwdriver - High Torque with Low Weight
2-12 Nm (18-106 In/Lbs) 400 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 434 SEC-EXACT 402 Centre Grip Screwdriver - Very Precise in Lower Torque Range

.5-2 Nm (4.5-18 In/Lbs)

400 RPM
EXACT_610 0 602 492 440 SEC-EXACT 212 Centre Grip Screwdriver - Slow Screwdriver
2-12 Nm (18-106 In/Lbs) 275 RPM
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