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For Tools Weighing Between 10-36 Lbs.

Ideal for grinders, riveters, crimpers, heavy impact/pulse tools, hydraulic tools and more.

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For Tools Weighing Under 10 Lbs.

Ideal for sanders, nut runners, rivet guns, hand drills, small pulse tools and other hand operated tools.

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Cost Justification:

Injuries due to overexertion and repetitive stress impose heavy costs on companies and their employees, including medical expenses, workers compensation premiums, lost time, retraining, rehabilitation, low morale, and more. These costs are pure waste, and every business would eliminate them if they had an effective solution.

Our technology can often reduce injuries to zero for tasks involving use of tools and maneuvering parts.  zeroG can also:

  • Help injured workers return to work faster
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for microbreaks, shifting of employees among tasks, and other inefficient practices
  • Allow a wider range of employees (such as older or smaller workers) to perform tasks safely
  • Be used to accommodate duty-restricted or disabled workers

zeroG has twice been awarded the Attendees Choice Award at the National Ergonomics Conference, given to products that offer the best opportunity to reduce injuries and increase productivity.

An Investment in Safety with True ROI

Surveys of business executives have confirmed that money spent on preventing injuries is money well spent. The zeroGĀ® is a high-performance addition to your most challenging work environments that can positively impact the bottom line. zeroGĀ® helps customers to achieve or exceed key R.O.I. benchmarks by reducing injuries, increasing productivity and promoting quality.

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You may also download the Equipois Catalog.

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